When we were kids, it wasn’t that uncommon for children to go hunting with their dads. Hunting trips were character-building exercises, and they taught us a lot about being quiet and patient, as well as being self-reliant and resourceful. And we got to spend quality time outdoors with our dads and/or moms.

While society has changed a great deal over the past couple of decades, one thing hasn’t – it’s still a great idea to take your kids hunting. In fact, youth hunting is actually very important for your kids. Here are just a few of the best arguments for why youth duck hunting is not only a good idea but an important one that will help your kids develop essential life skills.


Bonding Time Away from Technology

First of all, how often do you hear parents complaining about how much time their kids spend staring at a screen? Whether it’s the TV, a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, it seems like our kids are glued to technology 24 hours a day, but the same parents who complain about all that over-saturation of technology will then hand their kids a tablet to keep them busy at a restaurant or during a car ride.

If you take your kids hunting with you and teach them how to duck hunt, they’ll see how much more there is to the world than their smartphones. And you’ll get to spend time bonding with them without worrying that they’re just tuning you out while they look at a screen.


Attention to Safety and Respect for Firearms

While we’re sure that you have a gun safe and that your guns are always locked up when you’re not out on a hunt, kids have a funny way of getting into places where they aren’t allowed to go. If you take your kids hunting and teach them how to safely and effectively use a shotgun, they’ll learn to respect guns as tools with very real consequences, rather than thinking of them as toys that they’re not allowed to play with.


Teaching the Importance of Conservation

If a child’s only exposure to nature is in the backyard or on TV, they’re not going to get a really good appreciation of the importance of conservation. If you show them what nature has to offer first-hand, they’re going to grow up understanding that protecting wildlife and natural areas is essential.


A Lesson on Patience and Work

Finally, if you want to show your kids how much patience can pay off and what it means to work for something and see the results of your work, then take them duck hunting. You’ll have a great time showing them a hobby that you love, and they’ll get to know the joy of eating food that they brought to the table themselves.

These are just a few of the many reasons that youth duck hunting is so important. Start your kids young and show them how to be more self-reliant and more patient, and give them the tools they’ll need to thrive as young adults, all in an enjoyable hunting trip.

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